Making Reservation

Making Reservation

In order to make reservations on RESERVED.GE, you must be registered member of the site. After you finish your registration and login into your account, there will be 4 Steps to follow:

Step 1. Choose your desired city from the top of the site.  

Step 2.  In the search engine of the main page choose category from the listings offered. Indicate the name and address of your desired location. Also, choose your visiting day, time and number of persons visiting. You can search by stating all of those information or some of them. If you don’t have something concrete in mind you may click on view all for seeing all the venues.

Step 3.  With the information you have given us, RESERVED.GE will list for you. You will choose your desired venue and see the detailed information about it.  Or, you can refine your results even better by using search filters. 

Step 4.  On the reservation page of your chosen venue you will check the option of free places of your visiting day, time and number of persons. You will follow the instructions given on the site and make a reservation. You can make a choice of choosing and buying any additional services, in case of existence.

After that you will be directed to the secure payment page, powered by TBC Bank.


Additional recommendations:

- During search use searching filters.

- On the reservation page add a special request, such as a favourite table or a reminder for staff that someone in the party is celebrating a birthday.  

- On the reservation page indicate on whose behalf you are making this reservation, if you wish to make a reservation for others.



The site and all of its functions are best adopted for Google Chrome web-browser.