• How do I register on RESERVED.GE?
    • It’s easy, at the top right corner of the site select “Login”, where you will find a link for “Register”. Fill out the form with your details. An email will be sent to you to confirm your identity and once you follow the link provided into your email your account will be immediately activated.   

  • Do I have to call the venue to confirm my reservation?
    • No. Reservations made through RESERVED.GE are guaranteed and confirmed immediately at the time of reserving them.

  • Should I print the confirmation and present it at the venue?
    • No. All you have to do is to show up at the reserved place on the day and time of your reservation, present your reservation ID and mention source of reservation - RESERVED.GE.

  • How do I update my personal information?
    • After signing into RESERVED.GE go to your personal account and then from the left menu select “Edit” from there you are able to change any of your personal information including password.

  • How can I submit ratings and reviews?
    • There are several important qualifications to be able to submit ratings and reviews to appear on the RESERVED.GE:

      – You must be a registered user of RESERVED.GE, make a reservation and honor it at a participating venue.

      – After visiting, in “Past Reservations” tab of your User Profile you will find a link to add a review.

      – Your ratings and reviews must comply with our Community Standards in order to be published on RESERVED.GE

  • What if I am late?
    • If you are late more than 30 minutes of the scheduled time, the venue reserves the right to cancel the reservation conditions.

  • Can I make reservations for others?
    • Sure. In order to make a reservation on behalf of someone else, you must be registered member of RESERVED.GE then choose a desired venue and from the reservation tab of that venue you will get the following information once you enter your preferred date and time in the check

      After that, you will enter the name of the person whose behalf you want to make this reservation and finish the reservation. You will get the confirmation ID that you’ll gift to the person whom you made this reservation for.

  • Will reservations made from RESERVED.GE for Mobile phone or Tablets show up in my account on the RESERVED.GE website?
    • Yes, as long as you use the same email address and password you use on the regular RESERVED.GE site, all of your reservations will appear within your single RESERVED.GE account – whether they're making reservation from your mobile phone, tablet or from your computer.

  • How do I view, change or cancel a reservation?
    • 1) Please login to RESERVED.GE with your email address and password. IF you are not yet a RESERVED.GE member, you can register to assess your reservation details online.

      2) Once you've logged in, you will see an information box on the right of the page. This box contains a list of all of your upcoming reservations.

      3) VIEW - To see the detailed confirmation of your reservation, click the "Details" link. From there you can print it according to your wishes.

      4) CHANGE- Reservations are confirmed. If there is any change in your plans, you must cancel it as soon as possible and make a new one.

      5) CANCEL – in order to cancel the reservation it must be reserved 24 hours prior to reserved time. To cancel click on the “cancel” in an upcoming reservations and confirm it once more.