Terms of Use

Terms of Use


Terms of Use


Welcome to RESERVED.GE web-page (the “site”). All presented terms of use (the “agreement”) of this agreement are obligatory for customers (the “buyer”, “customer”, “you”) and for RESERVED.GE (the “intermediary”, “we”). RESERVED.GE is an intermediary between customer and a company (the “seller”, “company”, “object”). Please, read the following terms of use carefully before using this Site. By using any services of RESERVED.GE, you agree with these terms of use. All below presented terms of use regulates your usage of our site and our services. In case you do not agree with these terms, you have to stop usage of our site and our services.

Registration and creation of profile at RESERVED.GE is considered as absolute and unconstrained agreement with presented terms of use. The duration of this agreement is determined from the period of profile creation until its deactivation.



The responsibility of intermediary is constrained by giving possibility to seller to present its own service and service related terms on site. Intermediary is also responsible to supply reservation ID to seller and buyer, when service is bought through its own website. With this agreement, rights and obligations can only be originated between buyer and a seller. Any claim from the buyer on service and its terms should be directly presented to a seller without involvement of intermediary. Intermediary is not responsible if seller is meeting or not its own service and terms as presented on website.



User agrees to receive emails and text messages on mobile from intermediary after completion of registration, which can also be promotional type.

User has right to use services of RESERVED.GE, in case s/he presents correct information during registration and will update this information in case of changes.

Any type of interaction and exchange of information between user and intermediary (email, comments on site, rankings on site, etc) will be considered as not confidential and not proprietary information. User agrees that this information can be modified by intermediary, can be published with no restriction, or not published.

User agrees that any type of claim on services presented through intermediary from seller to user should be directly discussed with seller without intermediary.


Function of the site

By using the electronic platform of site, buyer is buying a service from seller. Service means reservation of service and/or product in advance with seller. Reservation ID which is presented in user’s profile is a proof of service and/or product purchase of the buyer with a seller. Other means of assertion, that buyer has bought service with seller will not be considered. Buyer will have a chance to buy service in advance from a seller through different methods. Service can include prior reservation of place or prior purchase of service and/or product with seller. With prior purchase of service, seller can request in advance or on site payment. This will be explained on seller’s site.

With use of payment method of site, user is paying the amount relevant for his/her chosen service on intermediary’s account. All costs related to payment should be covered by user.       

Except those cases when seller has put restrictions on cancelation, user can cancel a reservation with site 24 hours before the visit. In case user is making a service purchase less than 24 hours before visit, s/he will not be able to cancel the service. The service purchased by user can only be canceled after cancelation request will be processed on site. Any other means of cancellation (i.e. phone call to intermediary, phone call to seller, email notification, etc) will not be considered as valid and in that case service cost will not be compensated. In the event of cancellation, made 24 hours before the visit, there will be no charges for the purchased services from the user's debit/credit card.

When user is not making a cancelation of reservation and is not visiting a seller, this reservation will be automatically cancelled and service payment will not be compensated.


No use and cancelation of purchased services

We pay special attention to quality of services purchased through our site both for sellers and buyers. In order not to create service malfunctioning and protect the rights of sellers, buyer is obliged to use purchased service, or if cannot use service cancel the purchased service 24 hours before the visit.

Seller has a right to restrict the cancelation and this information will be provided on seller’s information page in advance. User is obliged to get information about potential restrictions on cancelation from a seller before purchase.


Prices and payments

All the prices presented on site are correct at the moment of publishing, but we preserve right to change them later. Prices include VAT and are presented in Georgian Lari. We also reserve right from time to time to change or reduce list of presented service and/or product. Price of any product which is presented on site by partner object represents the seller price. Object is maintaining updates on prices.

For making the reservation on site, you have to make transactions. Reservation can include “person price” and “reservation price”. Person price - implies a reservation price for one person, which is paid as a warranty and which is deducted from your final price of service and/or product at the visiting object. Reservation price - is a fixed fee for making a reservation. When you only make a reservation of available place, reservation page may present person price and/or reservation price. In case, object is giving a possibility to choose a menu, one can choose menu and in this case person price will be eliminated during the reservation. Also in case object has defined to present local serving fee in advance, you will be notified about it before the reservation.

Payment should be made during a purchase of service and/or product with valid credit or debit card (Visa/MasterCard). In purpose, online payment to be secured, details of your debit/credit card will be classified to confirm that presented card is valid with sufficient resources for payment. Your credit company may also conduct a security check to confirm owner’s usage of a card. Information about your card during the payment is not available for us, nor it is available for third party, thus we don’t collect information of your card. Payment service is conducted by corresponding service providing company.



At any time we can change or terminate functioning of this site, or any services without advance notice. We reserve right to terminate this agreement with any reason, based on our decision and without prior notice. Moreover, this agreement will be automatically terminated in case if you abolish any terms presented in this agreement. Termination of agreement by all means will result in no possibility to use this site. Service purchased before the termination of this agreement, will be executed in line with terms of this agreement. 


Waiver of guarantees

We present the site and services in the form of "as it is," "with all gaps" and "as available." We, our suppliers and partners do not pursue special implementation and guarantee with respect to the web-site, services or offers. As far as it is permitted by law, we and our sellers decline implied guarantees, that web page and services are required by the market, or are suitable for trading, are of satisfactory quality, accurate, timely, and suitable for the particular purpose, or are not causing any infringement. We do not guarantee that our site will meet your needs, is always correct, reliable, functional and accessible at any time and without delay. We do not guarantee that using our site among them its services or its offers will have effective results, will be reliable, accurate, or meet your requirements. We do not give any guarantees regarding the security and confidentiality except in the cases as explicitly set out in this agreement. We do not guarantee that you will be able to enter the website and use its services at any time or any place you desire. No spoken or written information or advice that is given by representative of our site should create a guarantee. We have foreseen all possibilities, to avoid internet fraud and ensure the maximum security of your personal data, but we cannot be responsible on those less expected cases, when unauthorized excess may occur on our and third party secured servers.


Limitation of liability

Your sole and exclusive means of legal defense, in case of a dispute between us and you, is for you to stop using our site. Our, our partners or sellers responsibility to the site and use of services related to any or all claims in no case should exceed total amount paid by you for the disputed services during one year period. We and our sellers are not responsible for any indirect, particular, accidental damages, which is a result of your use of the web-page or its services, your inability to trust or your trust towards the web page and its services. Above mentioned, responsibility exclusion rules also apply in respect of any claim, which deals with the lost revenue, missing data, loss of goodwill, suspension of work, computer error or malfunction, or any other commercial damages or losses even in the case, when we knew or should have known about the possibility of such damages occurring. 



Reservation ID: Universal code composed of numbers. With this code, user can be identified by seller with a purpose to get a service. This code is presented in user’s profile.  

Person price: Fixed fee on one person for making a reservation on site.

Reservation price: Fixed fee for making a reservation on site.


Privacy policy

We give special attention to security of customers’ personal data, for this purpose your personal data is secured and is not accessible to third parties.